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Tony White

Fully Qualified Professional
British PGA (1987)
Australian PGA (1998)
You owe it to yourself to understand the game and separate yourself from Mr & Mrs Average. To help you get there we offer individual, small group and intensive lessons. Call the ProShop on 4862 8615 for more information or click on the link below for details of the Golf School tinerary. 
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  • To get you started, here's a few quick tips!

    There is a reason why, despite incredible improvements in technology, highly groomed courses, every conceivable coaching method delivered to us in every conceivable form, the average mens handicap is around 20, ladies around 30 and many people NEVER break 100.

    Golfing legend Ben Hogan said

    'Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.'

    Here’s the issue and what we are up against;  

    Referring to Ben Hogans line, we can read it but still not get it - you don't have to develop bad habits, you will INSTICTIVELY do the 'wrong' things when you hit your first golf shot because golf is COUNTERINTUITIVE

    Here’s 3 things that are true and around which there is no argument from anyone, anywhere;

    1. you must swing the club-head downwards, returning it to the ground, in order to get the ball into the air.
    2. you must allow the golf club to swing in an arc if you want your ball to go consistently straight.
    3. the less effort you put in, the further your ball goes.

    Those three FACTS will do for starters - they are easy to read but to actually convince yourself to do it takes a bit of help - now, at least, you know what we are up against as the natural tendency is to do the opposite.

    It is important to acknowledge what happens to us 'when it really matters' - on a driving range, when relaxed and with an 'open mind', the swing seems to fix itself - under pressure though the tendency is to revert to what's INSTINCTIVE and suddenly all that practice counted for nothing.

    In recognising this, the need for some conscious swing thoughts becomes critical - my job is to identify what YOUR conscious thoughts need to be and why.

    In my experience and where students at my Golf Schools have achieved major break-throughs is that you can read or be instructed, for instance, to grip the club in a relaxed fashion, but someone needs to justify why.  The result of allowing your hands wrists and arms to be relaxed is that the club-head will then automatically get left behind in starting the downswing, 100% of the time, creating the illusive 'lag' and then through centrifugal force, the club-head will then overtake your hands creating serious speed leading to more distance AND squaring the face resulting in a straight ball flight.

    Once you 'get' golf, you will never look back!



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