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Luxury Accommodation Southern Highlands
Luxury Accommodation Southern Highlands

The Course

60 years old, the course used to be known as the Bowral Country Club.  At 5054 metre and a par 69, the course begins and ends at Birdies Cafe.  The '19th Hole' affords grandstand views over 5 holes including the first and eighteenth. The course has plenty of water features and undulating fairways providing interest and challenge for beginners and experienced golfers alike.

Golf Course Guide & Pro Tips 

The course looks easy on the card but is one of the more interesting courses you will play with varying demands on your golf game.  There is something here for everybody with the course set amongst the most stunning beauty nature has to offer and breathtaking views! Generally you are better to be short than long on most holes as with small greens sloping from back to front, overshooting leads to some very demanding chip shots. The greens hold well from well hit shots.

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Hole 1 - Only a shortish iron but the tee shot is over water and into the prevailling wind to a green protected by water on the left and grass bunkers back right. The left side of the green offers the best chance to hole a putt up the slope.


Hole 2 - In some ways an easier drive for longer hitters as a tee shot to the left side of the fairway is necessary but for shorter hitters there is water and a very 'well placed' pine tree waiting for anything a little overdone.  A good drive will get to the end of the fairway from where you can see the long narrow green.  An exacting second shot as the green is banked away left and right.  There is a 'wicket-keeper' behind the green and shots can come back down onto the green if you overshoot - no guarantees though!

Hole 3 - This hole typifies our course - looks easy on the scorecard at just 120m but the green would be 10m or so above the tee with heavy grasses on the hill to the right and a steep bank into trouble on the left.  A holeable birdie putt on a flattish green is the reward for a well hit tee shot.

Hole 4 - The mens tee shot is quite intimidating as it looks very tight but actually opens up a fair bit on the right.  Good contact is necessary to get over rough grasses in front of the tee.  The cart path leads past the ladies tee but even if walking take that path as the view from up there is astounding!  A short second to a receptive green rewards a good drive.  An approach to the same tier as the hole will help putting.

Hole 5 - Par 5's normally excite longer hitters as they're thinking eagles and birdies.  Some strategy needed here as the green is guarded by a water hazard front right.  From the tee a water hazard is very reachable on the right with OOB down the entire left hand side of the hole.  So, a tee shot of around 200m followed by a second of around 150m then a 70m pitch shot will reward anyone who can contain themselves - any more aggressive strategy will need extreme talent or more than a little luck!

Hole 6 - In a particularly beautiful 'corner' of the course, this is another lovely little par 3 over water to a green banked towards the green at the back and steeply away from all other sides.  Only a short iron and the green is again very receptive so a scoring chance here but danger lurks!

Hole 7 - Some issues just in front of the tee to go over but otherwise another inviting tee shot to a generous fairway.  The middle of the fairway is worth finding here though as trees do encroach on the left and a very large tree guards the front right side of the green.  The green banks off front and back and into a bunker on the left.  The right hand side of the green is more level but also bunkered.  One of the flatter greens might give a chance to hole a putt!

Hole 8 - A driveable par 4 so just check the green is clear if having a go.  Some trees short and a bunker on the left and some 'moguls' on the right make for some varying difficulty if you miss.  The better play is a 150/160m shot to the fairway and a pitch in which opens up a nice line to the flag.  Again a flattish green - gives up a few birdies this hole which is nice late on in the round!

Hole 9 - Ok - let rip!  A straightaway par 4 with no obstacles for a straight drive.  OOB left and a row of fir trees down the right will get your attention though.  A drive of over 200m will give a view of the flag and this is the only green that runs away from you - front to back.  If going in from distance play out to the left to avoid the bunker front right and let the ground feed it in - short iron shots well struck will hold - tricky green so stay focussed.

Hole 10 - Your first swing of the day is with a shortish iron to a well protected, flattish green.  Anywhere on the small green will give a make-able birdie chance but bunkers front left and front right and a slope run off at the back mean that you'll need to hit a good shot.

Hole 11 - Out of bounds on the left and a copse of trees blocking any second shot from out to the right make the tee shot the key here.  This hole suits a draw to hold the left to right slope of the fairway with the reward for a good drive a short iron in to relatively big target.  Play for the front half of the green here no matter where the flag is as anything long will leave a very tricky downhill chip or putt.

Hole 12 - The tee shot is challenged by coming out of a narrow shoot but is to a generous fairway with the right side best.  This will leave a clear second shot not hindered by a large tree some 50m short of the green on the left.  The green slopes from right to left as do the surrounds so any shot slightly above the green will feed down.

Hole 13 - A really inviting tee shot to an uphill fairway.  A reasonable hit is needed to get the fairway and being a dogleg right a three shot strategy can pay off here. For the longer hitters a good drive can reach the turn giving a great view of the green and a mid/long iron shot for an eagle putt.  Through the green, pretty much the same as the whole golf course, is not good so err on the short side if anything here.

Hole 14 - A very strong hole offering stunning views, this short hole requires a well judged and well struck mid/short iron to a green protected by OOB left and a bunker on the right.  The green slopes heavily from back to front so it will hold the tee shot well with an uphill putt being preferable.  The tee is in the trees so distance judgement is tricky as its difficult to determine exactly what any wind is doing.

Hole 15 - Longer hitters can get close to the green here but water hazards left and right make it not a smart play.  A lay up shot of some 200m to the top of the hill leaves only 100m or so off a more level lie and a great view of the target.  The green slopes heavily back to front again so play for the front half of the green - chipping up the green is easier than putting down it!

Hole 16 - Need a bit of carry on the tee shot here to avoid less desirable areas in front of the tee and a water hazard on the right.  A good tee shot to the left side of the fairway will run down to perfect position with a short iron off an uphill lie to a small, elevated green resulting.  The surrounds feed any shot played left toward or onto the green whereas missing the green right leaves a very awkward pitch.

Hole 17 - Its tempting here to play a shot over the corner of the dogleg or try to hug the left trying to shorten the second shot.  Best play is a 180m or so lay up to the middle of the fairway giving the best line in and a shot of little over 100m in. Better here, uniquely on this course, to be long and left than short or right.

Hole 18 - Index 1 on the card this is a long par 4 uphill all the way.  Good contact is needed to get to the fairway with longer drives getting to a flatter part of the fairway.  The green is standalone with nothing around the green to get any distance perspective so trust the yardage adding one more club as its more uphill and plays longer than it looks.

Hole 19

Also known as Birdie's Cafe, breakfast and lunch available as well as Espresso coffee, other hot drinks, soft drinks and tap and bottled beer.  Uniquely its integrated into the golf shop which makes it the ideal place to contemplate the game ahead, take a pit stop at half way or talk you're round over with playing partners.

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