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The Course

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60 years old, the course used to be known as the Bowral Country Club.  At 5054 metre and a par 69, the course begins and ends at Birdies Cafe.  The '19th Hole' affords grandstand views over 5 holes including the first and eighteenth. The course has plenty of water features and undulating fairways providing interest and challenge for beginners and experienced golfers alike.

Golf Course Guide & Pro Tips


The course looks easy on the card but is one of the more interesting courses you will play with varying demands on your golf game.  There is something here for everybody with the course set amongst the most stunning beauty nature has to offer and breathtaking views! Generally you are better to be short than long on most holes as with small greens sloping from back to front, overshooting leads to some very demanding chip shots. The greens hold well from well hit shots.

Hole 1 A short par 3 always invites a good score but, as your first shot of the day, this is a testing tee shot.  Bunkers short right and pin high left with water between tee and green, a good shot will lead to a short birdie putt but a wayward one and who knows?!

Hole 2 The 2nd hole demands a straight tee shot with out of bounds all down the left and anything right leaving a second shot blocked by trees.  A tee shot with a draw is ideal to hold against a sloping fairway.  Longer hitters might prefer a positional tee shot with a shorter club giving more margin for error.  Make sure not to be long here as the green slopes heavily from back to front.

Hole 3 Like threading a needle, the tee shot must pass through a gap between trees.  Fairway slopes from right to left with a water hazard lurking on the left.  For longer hitters, the Driver is the best option here as a shot up the right hand side opens up the green. Otherwise something clever is required as a tree protects the left side of the green although help is at hand with the fairway sloping toward the green helping anything landing right of the green.

Hole 4 An inviting tee shot where length is an advantage in order to get over a steep slope at the start to the fairway.  The best tee shot will flirt with the trees down the right as this shortens the hole but there is more room left than is obvious from the tee.  An uphill second to a small green has little room for error left.  Short right is the safe play leaving an easy uphill pitch and a birdie putt.  A slopey green will also be easier to cope with from the front of the green than the back.

Hole 5 One of the better par 3’s anywhere.  A walk back through the woods leads to a tee shot over a deep gully of vegetation to a green bunkered both sides and out of bounds all down the left.  Only 140 metres but quite an intimidating tee shot even with just a medium to short iron.  Don’t be long here as the slope on this green is severe especially if the hole is on the front half.


Hole 6 This drivable but you will need to be straight as water waits right and left at the bottom of the hill so often favoured here is shot to the fairway that stops before the slope.  This leaves a short downhill pitch to an inviting green.  Again anything long leaves an improbable up and down.


Hole 7 Need to try to ignore all the trees here as they confuse what is a fairly straight forward tee shot, but not easy as the trees do look to encroach.  Lots of room on the right here as the eighth hole comes back down.  Uphill to a raised green, add a club to what you think here to get it up there.  A slope frames the green back and left with anything short or right being taken away from the green down the slope.  A birdie hole of played well but plenty to keep you interested.

Hole 8 A dogleg, this fairway slopes away from out of bounds all down the left and water awaits any stray shot to the right.  The best tee shot is as far left as you can go just past the corner and long hitters will need to guard against hitting through the fairway.  A tree in front of the right hand side of the green adds difficulty to any shot from through the fairway.  A steep slope at the back of the green will help an over-hit second shot.

Hole 9 A long, straight, uphill all the way par 4 rewards a longer tee shot as it will take you over a steep incline.  Uphill again for the second, more club will be necessary to get all the way there.  Anything left runs away from the green into trouble, the fairway gathers any shot hit slightly to the right in towards the hole.  Short is ok here as it again leaves an easy pitch to a green sloping towards.

Hole 10 Another good par 3 a medium to short iron is hit over water to a green protected by ‘grass bunkers’ long and right and water on the left.  Plenty of room in front of the green here so safe being a little short.  Passes by the Proshop and Hotel so a chance to grab a bite and a drink ready for the challenge to come.


Hole 11 Downhill dogleg right.  A long drive can go through the fairway so will need to either skirt the trees on the right or have a fade shape. A 200metre tee shot to the rise will leave a flat lie and a good view of the green.  Narrow green will test your iron play.


Hole 12 A very intimidating tee shot for a short hole.  The wooded Cherry Tree Hill waits for any errant shot to the right although a hole in one once resulted from a ball rebounding from a tree up there – not recommended that you try that though!  Left is not good as a steep slope runs into an area where it is pot luck whether the next shot will be playable.  Again short is better than long on this hole.


Hole 13 Breathtaking views over Bowral and beyond.  Cherry Tree Hill obscures much of the fairway.  All downhill, there is more room to the right than is obvious, however, out of bounds runs all the way down the left.  Some serious run available from a low trajectory drive and this is drivable for the longer hitters.  A short iron to the green is a definite birdie chance with a two-tiered green adding to the challenge.

Hole 14 Not a long par 5 but some planning needed here.  A water hazard at less than 200 metres from the tee means that a long drive will need to find an area of fairway around ten metres wide with trees on the left and the water on the right – the reward is a view of the target and a medium iron.  There is water short right so any layup shot will need to be 50 metres or so short to ensure a dry landing.  A three shotter for most, but for the ‘gung ho’ there is a risk/reward decision to make.

Hole 15 Again a very short par 3 filled with difficulty.  All across the front of the green is a water hazard, a slope away from the green to the left with a small ‘oasis’ of level ground on the right.  A bank at the back looks like a comfort but a good lie is not a given leaving a tricky one back off the slope.  Hitting the green is really the key here so give this ‘shortie’ due respect.

Hole 16 From a tee set on the bottom slopes of Cherry Tree Hill this is an inviting tee shot hitting down to the fairway below and a straight forward hole.  A longer hitter can get well up there within a short iron or a pitch of a relatively friendly green.  Bunkered long and left and with a men’s index of 3 some gains to be made here.

Hole 17 A driveable par 4 but with a well protected green.  Trees front right, bunkered left and a water hazard down the left of the fairway all add interest.  The sensible play is a 180 metre shot to the middle of the fairway leaving a good view of the flag, then a short pitch and a birdie putt?!

Hole 18 A very inviting tee shot here, straight back up towards the Hotel.  Out of Bounds guards the left hand side of the fairway with a row of huge pine trees lining the right.  A good tee shot to the rise will leave a short/mid iron to a green that slopes front to back slightly so only a well struck shot will stop.  A bunker just short is well placed to catch any ball under-hit.

Hole 19 - Harvey's Bar Would have to be one of the most picturesque places anywhere to sit and enjoy a cold drink or a coffee.  Chat over your round and watch others tackle what you have already 'mastered'.  Good views over 5 holes and Mt Gibraltar as a back drop – it doesn’t get any better!

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